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FIF provides situation-specific training in strategic corporate communication, ranging from boardroom presentations and proposal preparation to conflict resolution and interoffice communication. We will help your organization to design the right message by improving the ability of your employees to “pitch” and engage an audience for a successful outcome.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, the way a firm communicates can mean the difference between success and failure. The communication system within a corporation - private or public - is critical to conveying the proper message to customers, investors, employees, and stakeholders. At FIF, we understand the importance of a firm’s communication system and thus our training program is designed to be impactful and results-oriented.

The importance of reputation, transparency, brand identity and employee engagement cannot be underestimated for companies today. FIF's corporate communication training program helps to enhance the value and impact of corporate communication. Our program includes:

Strategic Corporate Communication:

This program focuses on boardroom presentations and proposal preparation for situations from conflict resolution to interoffice communication.

Presentation Training:

There is only one opportunity to make a lasting impression, and that impression needs to be impactful. FIF’s presentation training will help attendees:

  • Develop necessary skills and techniques to command the boardroom

  • Successfully engage the audience

  • Deliver information that is easily understood, clear, and impactful

Writing Seminars:

FIF’s corporate communication training program also offers rigorous writing seminars that include email correspondence, business plans, requests and proposals, denial letters, and more.

Relationship Building:

In business, relationships are important and drive the business process.
FIF offers relationship-specific training, such as conflict resolution and negotiation, as well as interoffice, intercultural, and intergenerational communication.

Other Programs For Corporations

Customized Corporate Training

Corporate Finance Training

FIF’s corporate finance training covers basic finance concepts to more advanced topics in finance. Our training programs have been delivered from the VP level down to the most junior level of organizations. 

Customized Corporate Training

Strategic Finance

FIF’s strategic finance training program is designed to provide insight into the importance of finance in the development, execution, and effectiveness of corporate strategy. 

Financial Consulting

FIF’s multi-disciplinary team of PhDs has experience advising public firms and private firms across a variety of industry verticals: technology, retail, asset management, family offices, and private equity.

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