Strategic Finance

FIF’s strategic finance training is designed to be a learning-by-doing program. Attendees engage in a business simulation game where they are making decisions running their own businesses that reinforce their understanding: operations, margins costs, profitability drivers, strategy, pricing, and industry competition.


FIF’s strategic finance training program is designed to provide insight into the importance of finance in the development, execution, and effectiveness of corporate strategy. The objective of the program is to provide an experiential learning experience where employees learn by doing. This style of learning has been proven to increase knowledge retention by 68%. The program is designed for employees at all levels of an organization.

By using business simulation, attendees will have to make decisions related to running a business while understanding the competitive landscape and competing with other employees for market share and dominance in the industry. All of these decisions will have strategic and financial implications.

Competitive Strategy & Finance

Competitive strategy & finance is designed to provide attendees with an experience that will assist them to:

  • Build Business Acumen

  • Enhance overall strategic perspective

  • Understand drivers of profitability

  • Sharpen analytical tools and capabilities

  • Understand the connection between strategy and finance

  • Assess industry and company situations

  • Build confidence in assessing financial performance

  • Understand the complexities of managing international operations

  • Provide an advanced, realistic simulation that is tested, robust, competition-driven, exciting, entertaining, and educational

Strategic Execution Simulation

We create realistic and engaging simulation experiences that allow participants to develop a deep understanding of strategic direction and to practice strategy formulation and execution in a risk-free environment. Through our process, participants experience the benefits, trade-offs and potential obstacles to successful execution. The result is greater organizational alignment and accelerated execution of key strategic initiatives.

Other Programs For Corporations

Customized Corporate Training

Corporate Finance Training

FIF’s corporate finance training covers basic finance concepts to more advanced topics in finance. Our training programs have been delivered from the VP level down to the most junior level of organizations. 

Customized Corporate Training

Corporate Communications

FIF provides situation-specific training in strategic corporate communication, ranging from boardroom presentations and proposal preparation to conflict resolution and interoffice communication. 

Financial Consulting

FIF’s multi-disciplinary team of PhDs has experience advising public firms and private firms across a variety of industry verticals: technology, retail, asset management, family offices, and private equity.

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